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If you're being bullied and need some help and support please check out some of the free resources on this page.

How can a Coke bottle help you if you're being bullied? Read this article by Andy to find out...

Finding Your Inner Cherokee is a FREE e-book by Siobhan full of useful tips and advice to help you beat bullying and be happy.

'A very empowering and inspiring book, which is written from Siobhan's first hand experience. It arms you with knowledge, skills and strategies to confront and prevent the insidious problem of bullying. Most importantly, it helps you to develop vital self knowledge, and inner strength, which will serve you well over a life time.' Claude Knights, CEO Kidscape 

'An amazing guide that stands out from the market entirely. The exercises really do improve your confidence. Curham's writing is so direct and reassuring. I can't recommend this book enough.' Books and Writers JNR

'It feels like a trusted friend is talking you through ways to cope with the struggles you're facing. People of all ages and in all situations would benefit from the advice in this book.' Hannah's Haven 

'Finding Your Inner Cherokee is not 'just another of those beat-bullying guides', instead it's a breath of fresh air. From the author of Dear Dylan and Finding Cherokee Brown, this book is filled with interactive exercises in which you help yourself, showing how versatile a writer Curham is. Read this book, because not only will you know yourself better than you did before, but you will put it down with a new sense of confidence and self-assurance. This book will make a difference.' A Day-Dreamer's World

'Through various exercises, case studies and little power tweets, this e-book is obviously going to help many young people in the future. I wish I'd had it when I was being bullied. It is extremely good and I'd recommend it to anyone who is going through bullying.' To Another World Reviews

'What a lovely, hopeful and inspiring book Finding Your Inner Cherokee is!' Fluttering Butterflies 

'Finding Your Inner Cherokee is completely empowering . . . the concept is pure gold.' Daisy Chain Book Reviews 

You can download Finding Your Inner Cherokee for FREE here.